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 Picture Book

Congratulations! You've written a children's book! 🥳

But what's next? I'll walk you through the process of bringing your picture book to LIFE! 


I've compiled a list of questions I'm frequently asked along with insider info about the process of self-publishing your picture book!

For a potential collaboration for your title, contact me! 👇

🌈 Here's what clients are saying... 🖌

Madison R.

"Working with Diana was like an absolute DREAM! She helped me make my book the best that it could be- and not just by creating beautiful, detailed illustrations for it. Diana walked me through the entire publishing process from beginning to end. She helped me edit my book, we brainstormed art for each page and the cover, and she carried me through the self-publishing process on Amazon KDP.
I never expected her to do anything other than just draw the illustrations for my book, but she went above and beyond. I enjoyed getting updates on the illustrations from her, and I loved how she used her true talent and detailed eye to make each page a masterpiece itself! I know that they say that constructive criticism is helpful, but I truly can’t think of anything that I would have done differently throughout the entire process. I trusted Diana with one of my most precious projects, and she exceeded my expectations in every way.
If I could do it over again, I’d choose Diana every single time."

Jessica G.

"I loved collaborating with Diana! She is so easy to work with and I feel like she really took my thoughts and ideas and incorporated them every step of the way. She communicates frequently and gave me updates weekly at the very least!
When I had questions or wanted something changed or reviewed, Diana was always there to help talk me through. She has a step by step guide to help when you are ready to upload your book, and I am not sure how I could have done this without her!!!
I look forward to working Diana on many more beautiful books together!!!"

Peyton G.

"Collaborating with Diana on my book, "If You Only Knew What Failure Could Do" was nothing short of an incredible experience! Diana is professional, timely, friendly, and extremely talented. Additionally, she excels at communicating with her clients to ensure that their vision is fulfilled. She worked tirelessly on my book and was open to feedback at every stage.
Ultimately, when reflecting on my experience with Diana, I can truly say she is the best! I can't thank her enough for helping me bring my story to life."

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for having my book illustrated?

I'm so glad you asked! Obviously, you have researched your options for illustrators and landed on my page. (That is a huge compliment - thank you! 🥰 ) 

First, if you send me your manuscript, it's extremely helpful in determining if this is a project I can accept and also to give you a more tailored price estimate. I am happy to help you edit your manuscript to fine-tune it and get it ready for illustration.


I send sketches and ideas to the author before storyboarding the book. Once the pages are planned on the storyboard, I'll sketch out the entire book again, this time in full size. From the sketches, I'll create full-color digital illustrations for the entire book, place the text, dedication/copyright pages, etc. Authors are kept in the loop during this entire process.  


When the illustration process is complete, you'll be given a complete pdf document formatted for uploading to the self-publishing platform of your choice! You'll also receive a file to be used for the entire book cover. 

(Please keep in mind that this is my process. I cannot speak for other illustrators or what they do and do not include in their pricing.)

What is included with your price?

When you hire me as your illustrator, the services I include are:

  • a manuscript review with edits and feedback (Pages often have to be reworked a bit from the original manuscript for word and page count. This is ok! As the author, you have most likely included a lot of descriptive language, which I could help you show in the illustrations instead of lots of extra text. )

  •  all interior illustrated pages (typically 32 pages)

  • a full-color front and back cover

  • complete pdf file to use for printing on self-publishing platforms, such as Amazon's KDP, Barnes & Noble Press, etc.

  • all text and design layout + placement

  • assistance with self-publishing

  • marketing your book on my social media platforms, newsletter, etc

Is there a fee to have my manuscript reviewed?

Nope! It's free! I like to take a peek at the manuscript anyway simply to see if it's a good project to collaborate on. Believe it or not, there are definitely things I do not enjoy drawing. Like... a super-detailed mechanical engine. Nope. Super-scary dragon creatures? No thanks! 😅 Cute anthropomorphic characters and kids - yes, please! 😍


Seeing your manuscript in advance, is a great way to save us both some precious time and quickly determine if we are a match. Your time is valuable. If you need illustrations of mechanical parts or the like - do not waste your time on me! 😝


What's the timeline for this process? When can I expect to publish?

The process start to finish (initial edits / storyboard to a fully completed document ready for uploading) takes approximately 3 months. So, you could expect your book to be ready for publishing about 3 months from when we begin.


(My schedule does not always allow for us to begin immediately! I am very blessed to have a wait list. Please contact me for my next availability!)

How much does it cost to have my book illustrated?

Fees vary from illustrator to illustrator, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the artist you've hired and complexity of your project. I can give you my best price estimate for your unique project once I have more information regarding the vision for your book, reviewing your manuscript, and determining your goal timeline. Please contact me for customized info and a price estimate. :)

How often will we meet during this process?

I work closely with my authors throughout the whole process and provide weekly updates. I share sketches from initial ideas in my sketchbook to the storyboard phase. Then the full color illustrated pages, as I complete them.  It’s so amazing to see your story being brought to life alongside you! I encourage feedback throughout this entire process because I want you to LOVE your storybook!

Do I need to hire a separate book designer or an art director?

Nope. I have experience and have been trained to create appealing and effective layouts for children's storybooks. Save your money and leave it to me. :)

How do I publish?

When you are ready to share your wonderful book with the world, you have lots of great self-publishing options these days! This list may be a good starting point to help you determine which direction you'd like to go. Do a bit of research to discover the best options for your unique goals and your budget! I also highly recommend registering your book with the Library of Congress. This article provides a quick and helpful overview regarding this. (If that part is overwhelming, ignore it. You don't need to worry about this until closer to the end!)

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment is due in installments. Upon acceptance of our contract, 50% of the estimated project cost is due up front, with the remainder due upon delivery of all artwork. Like many freelancers, my schedule and availability fluctuates. I am a reasonable person and know you are probably excited to begin right away! I also know that it is hard to pay for things so far in advance. For these reasons, if my wait list is longer than 1 year, I am willing to hold your spot with a smaller initial deposit, which will be subtracted from the price of the contracted work. (Please contact me to determine my earliest availability.)


What if the contract is broken?

If the illustrator is unable to complete the items contracted for, due to extenuating circumstances or unforeseen life events, the client will be refunded the full deposit.

If the client breaches the contract after illustration work has begun, initial deposit will be forfeited. (My time is valuable and so is yours! :) )

How does the copyright work?

The illustrator (me! 🙋🏻‍♀️) retains copyright for all artwork, but artwork in the original book format may be reproduced an unlimited number of times by the author. The author (you! 🫵) retains copyright for all text.

Do we split royalties?

Nope. The royalties from book sales are yours to keep -- forever!

(Even though I earn zero royalties, I will help you to market your book! I want your book to be a wild success and for you to make tons of royalties! 🥰)


I hope this is helpful! Have more questions? No problem! ❤️
Shoot me a message and I will do my best to answer them for you! 

Talk soon!

Diana 🌈 🖌

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