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5 simple ways to use your unique repeat patterns!

Updated: May 13, 2023

So you've created a whole slew of patterns that you love, but what the heck do you do with all these? Here are some ideas! 💡


Build your pattern portfolio for licensing your designs. Showcase your portfolio on your website, Behance, etc. Instagram may also be a helpful tool in getting your designs noticed. I'd say post what you are looking for. If you're looking for leads or work as a pattern designer, post a lot of patterns! Look at the hashtags other pattern designers are using and build a list of your own to get your posts out there!



Design your own products, such as linens, throw pillows, and more on print on demand websites, such as Society 6, Red Bubble, Zazzle, etc.

On Society 6, you'll earn 10% commission on your products, have the ability to set markup on your art prints higher than 10% if you wish, AND you get your artist discount on top of the sale prices!

You could create a little collection of coordinating items. For example, a bathroom could look like this:

Pop your pattern on the shower curtain. 🛀 Design a coordinating framed print with a simpler version of some elements from your pattern. 🖼 Make a bathmat using the colors from your pattern -- but not necessarily the same pattern as your curtain (whoa, overload!). Some matching towels would round out the bathroom makeover. Voila!

On Society 6, everything is very customizable.



Post your designs for sale on Etsy. (And while you're on there, say hi!) Whether you want to sell your actual patterns or simply want to share something like digital scrapbook papers, Etsy can be a simple way to make passive income with designs that are otherwise just sitting around in your computer all sad and lonely. Don't let your designs be sad and lonely...

Create a quick mockup of your "scrapbook papers," by layering them up with drop shadows to look like real paper that's stacked up in a package. (Pro Tip: As a time-saver, create a master template file, so you can drop your new patterns into the template and go! You don't want to be sitting there making this from scratch every. single. time. I love templates. More on that another time!)



Have your pattern designs printed onto fabric. Whether you're just sewing some cute pjs for your kids, or actually selling your fabric, Spoonflower is great for this!

You need to purchase a swatch of your design before your design will go live for sale, so just keep that in mind. At the time of this post, swatches are $5 and I have caught mistakes or problems with my pattern after receiving swatches. It's a small price to pay to ensure your pattern looks and prints the way you expected it to on actual fabric!

(This is a side note, but crafters and sewers - you'll enjoy this! Spoonflower has this amazing option of printing several fabric designs on one yard of fabric called Fill a Yard. The "cheater quilt" was absolutely *PERFECT* for getting 42 different designs printed in a very cost-effective fashion when I was sewing 10 gazillion face masks for my boys. Ok. PSA over. Back to pattern creation...)

Did you know you can even print WALLPAPER on Spoonflower? 😍 They also have bedding, curtains, throws, pillows... so much beyond simply printing some fabric. Join monthly design challenges with your pattern designs to connect with other artist and have a chance to win prizes. I guess what I'm saying is...go over to Spoonflower and dig around! You won't be sorry!



Save your pattern block and just use it in your other designs when you need a quick pattern to fill in a piece! This could be a fun background, curtains or bedding in a little scene, characters' clothing....the list goes on and on. You worked hard to create your unique pattern! You should use it! What are some other uses you'd like to share? Add to my list and post below!

Happy Creating! 💖

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