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The Day I Kissed the Rain

"The Day I Kissed The Rain" is a beautiful story of adventure, family and facing fears! Sofia is a girl who loves adventures, but one day must choose between adventure or the possibility of a looming storm. Sofia takes her chances and sets out on her favorite trail, but when the clouds rumble in Sofia is scared. Her mom shows her that even though the storms come in, there is always a way to find the calm.

This is a great children's narrative story, and perfect for kids who might be struggling with fears.

Book cover with a rainbow over it for "The Day I Kissed the Rain."
Illustration of main character of children's book, "the Day I Kissed the Rain," Sofia, in red hoodie looking upwards towards the falling rain with her white dog, Lamb.
Illustration of family hug from children's book The Day I Kissed the Rain.
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